Acting for the Screen: Preparation

If you want to perform a meaty role on film;  a role that is powerful, that displays a variety of emotions, touches hearts or makes the audience “jump out of their seats,” you must have a  process that accesses your emotional core.

 The film business is divided between those who can bring forth “emotional truth” and those who cannot. At best, those who cannot end up playing stock roles, or as they say, “carry the bags” for the lead actors.

 This first block explores the essential elements of emotional preparation. We confront the blocks of social obligation which prevent full access to our emotions as we begin to build the foundation of our acting process. A variety of exercises are performed by each actor which will hone an approach to the essence of the character and the obligations of the scripted material.  In effect, we begin to put the meat on the bones of the actor.

This course is designed to create a nurturing supportive environment where actors are given exercises and tools to access truthful emotions important in developing various characters. Jon Menick offers innovative techniques derived from more than two decades of experience in professional acting on stage, screen, and TV. These innovative techniques challenge actors to move beyond their personal blocks into a state of being present in their work with themselves and other actors. Active involvement and mutual support of the ensemble is encouraged through self-critiques, feedback and a Facebook group through which students and instructors share observations regarding daily exercises. The Fundamentals Course is the first in a series of three courses and a prerequisite for other courses offered at the Screen Artists Co-op at Story Point Studio.


  • By invitation only, with a limit of 12 students per class
  • Age 18 or above
  • Taped cold reading and interview conducted by the Artistic Director
  • some acting experience may be helpful, but is not necessary
  • Willingness to work cooperatively and openly as part of a group
  • Openness to experiential learning
  • Time and dedication to practice exercises daily
  • Exception to above prerequisites: All actors with agents, or having previously completed the course, will be accepted as part of their continuing learning process 


24 Sessions conducted over 12 weeks

Days, Times, and Location

Wednesdays (6:30pm- 9:30pm) and Saturdays (11am-2pm), January 16– April 6, 2013

Story Point Studio 2002 Riverside Dr. Ste 42-P Asheville, NC 28804


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