David Miller

David wants to change the media world one person, business and story at a time. In the late 1980’s David discovered a deep passion for life giving media creation, story telling and distribution especially in relationship to the emergent digital technologies that were just starting at that time. From that time he embarked on learning the technology and business of television, film, and media rich Internet and then contracted with many professionals and organizations to provide media creation services. Some of the people David has worked with are: Comcast Cable, Donald Trump – Trump Castle, Auntie Ann’s Pretzels, American Music Theater, Adventure Systems, Growth Dynamics International, Pixelon.com, The Idea Farm, Green’s Ice Cream, Sight and Sound Entertainment, Radius Entertainment, Homezones.net, Maria Del Rey, Windsor Financial, Training Masters, G-Man  Productions,  Kendro, and Blue Ridge Motion Pictures, and Story Point Media. David has also worked on the developing; producing and directing several television shows “Meet the Roaches” and “Bridge World”. David and Imaginary Studios are presently working with Story Point Media on the development of an exciting family entertainment series entitled “The Adventures of Nic Newton”.


David’s production knowledge of 3D animation and Digital Special effects is both broad and deep. It’ includes the knowledge of:

  1. Digital imaging software such as Photoshop and Fireworks
  2. Compositing Software Such as Shake, Digital Fusion and After Effects.
  3. 3D Animation software such as Maya, Lightwave, Messiah.
  4. 3D Modeling Software such as Modo and Z Brush
  5. Digital Editing Software such as Final Cut Pro, Avid, Premier Pro
  6. Match moving software such as Synth Eyes
  7. Production software such as movie magic.
  8. Special Effects Experience in the Special effects coordination and direction for SD, HD and Film blue screen and green screen production.
  9. Editing experience  on both video and film projects
  10. A working knowledge of the key aesthetics of Story and effective film making.