Jon Menick

Jon was a professional actor, writer and director in New York and L.A. for 26 years.  In the mid-80’s, he was acknowledged as one of the most recognizable commercial talents by Ad Age Magazine. Some of his most notable campaigns were, Herb for BURGER KING, the “Same Old Same Old” man for ARBY’S, Louie the Lip for RC COLA, the comic spokesman for MAZDA, ATT, NYNEX, IBM, DIMETAPP and SUBARU to name just a few.  He practiced his craft in the top film market in the world. He appeared with stars like Mel Gibson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Bruce Willis, Cloris Leachman, Elijah Woods and Lily Tomlin among others, as well as guest starring on TV shows including “Night Court”, “Moonlighting,” Mel Brook’s “Nutthouse,” J.A.G. “Murphy Brown” and “The Twilight Zone. 

This singular experience has sharpened his approach to story creation and elevated his standards to match the level of the high profile practitioners that populate the art of filmed storytelling.

Retiring from acting in 2001, Jon and his wife Louisa moved to pursue a new creative life in Asheville, NC.

Combining his interest in writing and film production, with his B.A in political history from the University of Georgia, he ventured into the world of media concepts in 2001.  Projects include The Asheville School Movie, the Snap-On Tools interactive video web campaign “ain’” and the new film “Magic in the Forest”, a fable designed to inspire children to reconnect with nature. Currently he is creating UGO TOUR, a new concept for a Smart Phone App, which immerses the user in an area’s culture and heritage.

Jon Menick is on Facebook and IMDB.