Our Story


Our Vision

The 21st Century has created a virtual tsunami of information and technology.  Here at Story Point Media, we believe that nothing should make you feel as though you are rowing a dinghy in the ocean of computer generated media.  Technology should not be an all-powerful force.  Rather, it is a simple tool; a device used to tell your story.  Because the story is the anchor of any media design.  It is the focal point.


Story Point Media is a collection of individuals, a team of innovative New Media artists, including designers and technicians, who are dedicated to illuminating your message through the power of the simple narrative.  We think of the story as a buoy, rising above the surface, riding the crashing waves, which can be trimmed with an appropriate amount of the vast array of available technology.  (And we do mean up-to-the minute, satellite technology.)  After all, our mission is to invite the world to circumnavigate their way to your global position, with the help of Story Point Media.


Story Point Team