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    Co-op Philosophy
    “Thirty years ago, I became a member of Actor’s Equity. Gaining that Union card meant a lot to me. [...]
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    The purpose of the Acting Track is to develop a process that empowers and inspires. Our power as actors [...]
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    There’s an old saying in Hollywood, “The first seven scripts you write should be in the back of the [...]
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    Practice makes perfect in the craft of content creation. The Screen Artists Co-op’s goal in the Production Track is [...]


Advantages of Co-op Membership

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    Taking Charge of your Career
    There seems to be an iron wall between a screen artist  and work. There are too many actors, writers, crew persons, and too few jobs.  Added to that, none of the screen trade artists are encouraged to actively chart their own course. It is [...]
  • workingwithothers
    Artists Teaching Artists
    In order for the Screen Artists Co-op to be effective, each and every member must be a dedicated life learner in their chosen craft. We have purposely limited the number of artists that we are committing ourselves to mentoring. Quality not quantity is our [...]
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    Actors, Writers, Production, Together
    Like a thick, nourishing stew, we mix all of the main players of a project together. We believe that kind of synergy will generate heat. Where there is heat, there is fire. As film artists, we broaden our point of view and extend our [...]
  • Support from the Membership
  • Working with Filmmakers, Writers, and Actors
  • Discounts on your Courses and Tools of Trade
  • Learning Show Business Tricks

  • Working Hands-on in Co-op Projects
  • Professional Training
  • Networking
  • Membership Cards